In answer to the plant efficiency and OEE needs of manufacturers large and small, SCADAware will unveil a game-changing, simplified, Andon-based production monitoring system – StatusWatch Live – at the 2016 IMTS.

Normal, IL – SCADAware, Inc., a leader in control system integration, today announced it will exhibit its StatusWatch production intelligence and plant efficiency product line at IMTS – International Manufacturing Technology Show 2016 being held at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL from September 12 through September 17, 2016. SCADAware will display its full StatusWatch product line in the East Building – Booth: E-4030, and will unveil a new addition to its StatusWatch line – StatusWatch Live.

StatusWatch Live 2SCADAware developed its StatusWatch product line to monitor asset utilization and analyze plant efficiency. The Andon-based system consists of visual products and systems that interact to alert management, maintenance, and operators of a quality or process problem within a facility. StatusWatch products have consistently helped manufacturers achieve a 20% or more increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by maximizing plant efficiency through real-time data collection, timely decision making, improved accountability, and continuous improvement.

StatusWatch Live will bring implementation of the production intelligence products to a broader base of manufacturers. It is a standalone, user-friendly system that does not require the use of the customer’s server. StatusWatch Live’s primary focus is on live data relevant to the current situation on a shop floor.  Current machine/Andon states, discrete part counts, current program number, and other live data is collected and used by StatusWatch Live for notifications, display, and reporting.

“We are excited to introduce StatusWatch Live at IMTS. We are designing this product to appeal to a broader base of manufacturers desiring to improve production processes and OEE. This is a plug-and-play product designed for optimal user experience and ease-of-use,” said Rick Caldwell, President of SCADAware.

In addition to StatusWatch Live, SCADAware will be displaying the entire StatusWatch line including:

  • StatusLight Smart Andon – Cut response times with high-visibility StatusLight Smart Andons. Customize light behaviors to assign unique significances to user input from a button press, bar code scan, or even a button press on another StatusLight.  Configuration is made easy with a point-and-click interface. StatusLights integrate seamlessly with StatusWatch.
  • StatusLight Call and Response System (CRS) Application – Quickly communicate needs with the StatusLight CRS.  Send a request for anything from materials to maintenance directly from a StatusLight. Any responder can then view, respond to, and signal the request complete through the CRS application. StatusWatch users can collect this CRS data to gather an even deeper insight.
  • StatusWatch Line Sign Application– Allows users to see more of their facility at a glance. The Line Sign displays the status of many machines or Andon devices in real-time. View any number of screens in rotation and know instantly where help is needed.
  • iStatusWatch iPad App – Find out exactly what’s happening on the shop floor, right from your iPad.  View the current status of all your StatusWatch connected devices on a single screen.  Run reports specially catered to your iPad, you can even view multiple reports at once.
  • StatusWatch PC Interface – Augment your machine data with the StatusWatch PC Interface.  Sometimes, your machine’s raw state data doesn’t show exactly what it means.  Use the PCI to correct, adjust, or add to the data coming from a station to gather more meaningful insights.  Add comments, sign operators into a machine, signal part reworks, and more.


About SCADAware

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