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“SCADAware was an invaluable part of our team in optimizing operational performance with automation technology at our new plant”

— Brian Tucker, Operations Supervisor, SCWRD

System Design

With decades of experience, we can help you build a control system that will serve you now and be flexible in the future.

Supervisory Control

We build robust SCADA systems that are both efficient and a pleasure to use.

Data Mining

Analyze and perfect your process with historical and up to the minute process data.


We are committed to providing secure solutions in an increasingly hostile digital environment.

Custom Solutions

Our solutions are not “one size fits all”… We will build a solution that is custom designed to your unique needs.


We bring a wide range of skills to the table…control systems, SCADA, network, web/mobile, database, and more.


We provide value and quality that you can depend on for years into the future.

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Our Integration Partnerships

Our customers are talking...

“SCADAware was an invaluable part of our team. From an operational standpoint, our challenge in building a new facility which would double our capacity was to find a way to get it done without simply doubling everything – labor, energy cost, etc.  We needed to build a smarter plant. SCADAware’s expertise in SCADA systems and integrating many different types of technologies exceeded our expectations of what we could accomplish. For example, we’re running a plant double the size with a yearly energy bill slightly lower. As for labor, we run a crew of about 7 operators and 2 head operators. We would have needed a crew of 28 to 30 to run the plant under the old method.”
Brian Tucker

Head Operator, Springfield Metro Sanitary District

“The SCADAware engineers were thorough in the design of the system including setting standards in naming conventions, screen consistency, color usage, navigation and functionality. They are professional and easy to work with. We consider SCADAware an expert in the SCADA, HMI technologies and use them as needed to evaluate applications and alternative vendors. Rick Caldwell is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.”
Lee McEwen

Director, Asset Reliability, Boardwalk Pipelines

“By having SCADAware as part of the professional services team, the District and CMT, as owner and design engineer, had significant input into the SCADA system process thereby allowing customized human interfaces within the system. This allowed for a faster learning curve for the end user because they were an integral partner in the decisions being made during the design process.”
Bernie Held

Director of Water Resources , Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly, Inc.

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