StatusWatch Production Monitoring Suite

Our production monitoring tools bring visibility to your shop floor.


StatusWatch delivers timely, accurate, and detailed information on asset usage and plant efficiency through reports and notifications. Create flexible notifications to allow users to enhance output and produce top quality products. Fully customizable reports can represent both real-time and historical data critical to the lean manufacturing process. Achieve a deeper understanding of your process using StatusWatch.   Learn More

StatusLight Smart Andon

Cut response times with our high-visibility StatusLight Smart Andons. Customize light behaviors to assign unique significances to user input from a button press, bar code scan, or even a button press on another StatusLight.  Configuration is made easy with a point-and-click interface. Of course, StatusLights integrate seamlessly with StatusWatch. Learn More

StatusLight Call and Response System (CRS) Application

Quickly communicate and meet your needs with the StatusLight CRS.  Send a request for anything from materials to maintenance directly from a StatusLight. Any responder can then view, respond to, and signal the request complete through the CRS application. StatusWatch users can collect this CRS data to gather an even deeper insight. Learn More

StatusWatch Line Sign Application

Allows users to see more of their facility at a glance. The Line Sign displays the status of many machines or andon devices in real-time. View any number of screens in rotation and know instantly where help is needed. Learn More

iStatusWatch iPad App

Find out exactly what’s happening on the shop floor, right from your iPad.  View the current status of all your StatusWatch connected devices on a single screen.  Run reports specially catered to your iPad, you can even view multiple reports at once.   Learn More

StatusWatch PC Interface

Augment your machine data with the StatusWatch PC Interface.  Sometimes, your machine’s raw state data doesn’t show exactly what it means.  Use the PCI to correct, adjust, or add to the data coming from a station to gather more meaningful insights.  Add comments, sign operators into a machine, signal part reworks, and more.  Learn More