Employees of SCADAware and representatives from interested client companies will enjoy a one-day, customized automation technology I/O system training course led by a WAGO instructor.

The hybrid lecture/hands-on course will cover a variety of topics, including an overview of the WAGO I/O system and programmable fieldbus controller, Ethernet fundamentals, software tools, CoDeSys (IEC 61131 programming tool), code generation, application tutorials, web integration, and DLL examples.

The registration for this WAGO training course, scheduled for October 9th, 2017, is currently closed. Interested current and prospective clients can contact SCADAware at info@scadaware.com to arrange additional customized WAGO training geared toward our combined project goals. Otherwise, contact WAGO at Training.us@wago.com for training at their Germantown, Wisconsin headquarters or to purchase e-Learning modules.

SCADAware prioritizes vendor-led training sessions as part of our mission to provide our clients with the best automation solutions for their needs.