We serve a wide range of industries.

Water & Waste Water

SCADAware offers advanced control system design services to help engineering firms deliver state-of-the-art, highly-automated freshwater and wastewater treatment facilities. All system designs are supervised by a registered Professional Engineer. Learn More


Smart manufacturing – it is an exciting time to be part of manufacturing. With the rapid developments of new control technology, it is difficult for in-house manufacturing teams to keep pace with the changes. SCADAware works with the newest technologies on a daily basis. Our team has a great depth of experience across multiple industries with expertise in a wide array of software and hardware platforms. We work as a partner to manufacturers to provide turnkey control system integration services for automation projects. Learn more.

Gas Transmission Pipelines

SCADAware engineers have designed and built SCADA/HMI systems to monitor natural gas transmission pipelines. One of our largest projects consisted of over 6,000 miles of pipelines and 30 main-line compressor stations. The central office and field stations are remotely over the internet, allowing the compressor stations to be left unattended off-shift (2nd & 3rd). Compressor station components are monitored and controlled by an operator in the corporate office across a Wide Area Network (WAN). This system communicates with approximately 100,000 I/O points from Allen Bradley and Siemens PLCs at the stations.

The entire project was built in our Illinois office with software installation and testing accomplished with a remote access to the pipeline corporate office network hundreds of miles away by means of a VPN connection. SCADAware engineers were thorough in the design of the system including setting standards in naming conventions, screen consistency, color usage, navigation and functionality.

Military & Government

SCADAware has worked with the military and with government agencies. On a recent project, our engineers assisted a military contractor with the design and programming of a SCADA system for Deployable Power Generation and Distribution Systems (DPGDS).  These systems are deployable for remote field operations with monitoring and supervisory control accomplished with a notebook PC running Iconics Genesis 32.  Each PC can monitor up to four Prime Power Units (PPUs) within DPGDS and each PPU consists of two 460kW generators which can provide 920kW, 4160 V, 50/60 Hz, total power.

Food & Beverage

The food industry must meet stringent Food Quality & Safety (SQF) standards for controlling and monitoring the safety and quality of food products. SCADAware has worked with some of the largest U.S. Food manufacturers on designing and implement automation technology to meet efficiency, safety and quality goals. From increasing production throughputs, to data acquisition and reporting, to temperature monitoring and control, we can help.

Grain Handling

SCADAware has a niche expertise in automated grain handling systems that provide the user with the means to better manage their grain handling operations. From the large grain handler to the smaller grain handler, we can provide an automation solution. Our grain handling systems integrate control of all associated equipment into a central control system with a color graphic user interface for easy to understand control from a main location. Integration of the grain handling equipment allows the system to continuously monitor and automatically control all associated equipment based on any change within the system.

The integrated system requires minimal operator intervention. The automation will save time and energy, and limiting points of failure along the way. Additional benefits include:

  • Automate the start and stop of pit conveyors based on if grain is present in pit
  • Accumulate runtime hours and cycle starts on each piece of equipment for preventative maintenance
  • Show the amperage or percent load for equipment
  • Control equipment from multiple locations, and perhaps most¬†importantly
  • Modify the controls without having to rewire them