About SCADAware

Serving you since 2000


SCADAware is a systems integration firm that anticipates and provides solutions for the automation needs of clients in many industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and water/wastewater. The company is comprised of engineers and programmers who specialize in the design and implementation of open-architecture control systems and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

SCADAware’s engineers help clients identify the appropriate hardware and software needed to achieve their business goals. Engineers work with clients’ staff to provide custom solutions with the newest technologies, using standardized strategies that promote the reusability of project components. SCADAware establishes hardware/software platforms, defines projects, determines project costs, and develops implementation schedules to fit clients’ needs.

SCADAware’s diversified knowledge in different technologies promotes cutting-edge work. Each engineer’s specialized, industry-specific knowledge is pooled as a company-wide resource, which helps SCADAware build lasting and evolving relationships with customers, vendors, and engineering firms across multiple industries. The end result is that clients receive unparalleled, quality-oriented service.

Our mission is to lead the field of control systems integration across multiple industries, providing our clients with the best automation solutions and production monitoring products for their needs.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Association for High Technology Distribution
Association for Manufacturing Technology
Control System Integrators Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
International Society Automation
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Association for Facilities Engineering
American Water Works Association