Integration Services

We offer a full range of services allowing us to provide a truly integrated solution.

Design & Specification

Developing functional specifications—detailed blueprints for creating automation and related programming – has never been more important. Advances in communication protocols, information systems and ability to extensively interconnect devices present a great opportunity to optimize the sustainability, total cost of ownership and supportability of your capital investment.

SCADAware is a multi-discipline automation expert. As a vendor-neutral control system integrator, we work daily on many different software and hardware platforms. Whether it’s building a new wastewater plant or adding a new production line to a manufacturing facility, having a control system integration partner who is an expert in automation technology involved in the early conceptual design phase will be key to the best solution.

Programming & Commissioning

SCADAware works with the newest automation technologies on a daily basis with multi-platform software and hardware experience across multiple industries. In addition to our design and specification services, we offer complete turnkey system integration services including programming and commissioning. SCADAware has extensive expertise in Process Control; SCADA & data acquisition; DCS, HMI and PLC Programming; Motion Control, Vision and Control Panel Fabrication.


To ensure project success, we complete a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with your team. This will ensure the system is performing in accordance with your approved test plans and specifications and is ready to be installed and tested onsite. For onsite installation and commissioning, we work with your team troubleshooting I/O, assisting electricians with wire installation, etc. For validation, we complete a Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), tested in accordance to client approved test plans and specifications to show the system is installed properly and interfaces with other systems and peripherals in its working environment.

System/Network Administration & Maintenance

Our designs take into account the inherent challenges and opportunities of the growing convergence of the IT and process network worlds. As the complexity of interconnected devices increases, a well-planned network infrastructure is essential. We help clients with advanced networking architectures to ensure connectivity, collaboration, and integration from the device level to enterprise business systems.  Our integrated industrial IT solutions will make your networks function more efficiently and with greater security.

Reporting & Alerting

A smart plant is a successful plant. Automating data collection/logging, monitoring, reporting and alerting in industrial settings is a sure bet for a quick return on investment. We have extensive expertise in helping our clients optimize operational performance with automation technology. Beyond labor and energy savings, automating will also help you meet the ever-increasing documentation and tracking requirements to meet regulatory and safety standards.

We have designed highly automated plants using custom designed SCADA Systems monitoring and controlling hundreds of pieces of equipment with thousands of I/O points. The SCADA System works as a smart 24-hour employee, automatically making adjustments per established parameters to keep your plant up and running. When an incident requires attention beyond SCADA’s predetermined authority to adjust, your administrators will be alerted via you chosen method – text, phone call, etc.

Support & Troubleshooting

One of the things our clients appreciate most about SCADAware is our commitment and dedication. We are here for the long haul, meaning you can count on us for reliable support and service. Our support contracts include prompt response to your needs, including 24-hour phone support. If you encounter a problem, with remote access, often we can quickly troubleshoot and solve the problem from out of the office. If that does not resolve the issue or remote access is not available, we will expedite a site visit to have you up and running as quickly as possible.


Once your system is commissioned and validated, SCADAware provides onsite training to ensure staff proficiency in running your new automation system. Additionally, at our client’s request, we can offer customized control engineering training for your staff at our facility.