StatusWatch Production Monitoring Suite

Our production monitoring tools bring visibility to your shop floor.

iStatusWatch iPad Application

iStatusWatch helps you to gain insight critical to your production process. Utilize iStatusWatch to monitor asset utilization, analyze plant efficiency or quickly calculate OEE data (Availability x Performance x Quality).

Shop-Floor Depiction

See more of your facility at a glance with iStatusWatch shop-floor depiction technologies. Drill down into your assets for detailed information on availability, performance and total downtime. Through iStatusWatch, you can discover downtime reasons, responder information, response time and total downtime duration.

Dashboard Viewing

Generate custom reports to graphically display the activity of your assets. Including but not limited to the following:
-OEE Summary
-Asset Performance Summary
-Response Time Summary
-In-Cycle vs. Downtime Summary
-Andon Summary
-Incident Overview

iStatusWatch is a great application for Production Managers, Machine Operators, Maintenance Supervisors, Plant Managers, and Engineers.

This FREE app is for all supported StatusWatch users. If you are not a current StatusWatch user, download iStatusWatch to discover it’s capabilities with our simulated machine data.

System Requirements
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.