StatusWatch Production Monitoring Suite

Our production monitoring tools bring visibility to your shop floor.

StatusLight Smart Andon

Our most popular StatusWatch product, the StatusLight Smart Andon is an easy first step to improving your process.

Productivity at the push of a button.

Use StatusLight Smart Andons to discover and remove production constraints. Highly visible LED light stacks will enable your team to react faster to events on the shop floor and keep track of their processes.

More than just buttons on a box.

Generate more specific data by using standard USB human interface devices (HID’s), such as RFID badge readers and barcode scanners. This could allow for downtime reason codes, employee check-in, material requests, and more.

Point and click programming.

A web-based GUI makes it easy to configure your StatusLight for everything from button presses to barcode scans, and everything in between.  Multiple StatusLights can even trigger each other!  Use these inputs to trigger contextual events based on light states.

Intelligent communication.

StatusLights can communicate over wired networks via Ethernet.   Wireless communication options include WiFi and ZigBee, a self-healing mesh wireless network which allows StatusLights to reroute their communication path around devices that have lost power.

Your StatusLights, your way.

Customize the design of your StatusLights. Each StatusLight can be configured with up to five illuminated buttons and five light colors. Need the buttons to be separated from the stack light? Ask for a detached stack.  You can even personalize the face plate with a custom logo and wording for the buttons.

Even better with StatusWatch.

StatusLights integrate seamlessly with StatusWatch to collect data for reports and to trigger notifications. Learn more about StatusWatch.