SCADAware’s new Water and Wastewater Team under the direction of Josh Niemi, P.E., offers turnkey design and development – concept through completion – automation integration services to engineering companies serving municipal and industrial water and wastewater industries. 

Normal, IL – April 13, 2016SCADAware, Inc., a leader in control system integration, today announced its new specialized team to expand turnkey integration services for municipal and industrial freshwater and wastewater treatment projects. SCADAware Senior Electrical Engineer, Josh Niemi, P.E., will lead SCADAware’s Water and Wastewater Team to offer advanced control system design services to help civil engineering firms deliver state-of-the-art, highly automated freshwater and wastewater treatment facilities.

The formation of this specialized team under the direction of Niemi, a licensed Professional Engineer, takes SCADAware’s ability to provide control system integration services to the next level. SCADAware’s Water and Wastewater Team of engineers are experts in designing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems using the latest monitoring and control technology.

From the initial site evaluation to project completion, SCADAware collaborates directly with municipal personnel and civil engineering firms to provide a single point of accountability for the entire instrumentation and automation system including design, implementation, and commissioning. Beyond project completion, SCADAware offers ongoing support services for SCADA monitoring and control systems.

“Many engineering firms do not have personnel that specialize in control system design. In the case of process control technology, new technologies develop so rapidly, it is difficult to keep pace with the changes,” said Rick Caldwell, president of SCADAware. “SCADAware works with the newest technologies on a daily basis. With experience across multiple industries, our team works as a partner to engineering firms to broaden capabilities to help make proper recommendations according to each individual application.”

SCADAware Water and Wastewater Team

SCADAware Senior Electrical Engineer, Josh Niemi, P.E., leads SCADAware’s Water and Wastewater Team

SCADAware engineers, led by Niemi, worked directly with Crawford, Murphy and Tilly (CMT) consulting engineers and Springfield Metro Sanitary District’s(SMSD) plant operations personnel on the high-profile multimillion-dollar Spring Creek wastewater treatment project. The district serves 150,000 customers, including 100,000 from the Spring Creek plant and 50,000 from the Sugar Creek plant. With a peak flow of 80 MGD, the new Spring Creek plant features state-of-the-art systems integration designed for the fully-automated facility.

“By having SCADAware as part of the professional services team, the District and CMT, as owner and design engineer, had significant input into the SCADA system process thereby allowing customized human interfaces within the system,” said Bernie Held, Director of Water Resources at Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly, Inc.  “This allowed for a faster learning curve for the end user because they were an integral partner in the decisions being made during the design process.”

SCADAware SMSD Project

Brian Tucker, operations supervisor,

“SCADAware was an invaluable part of our team in optimizing operational performance with automation technology at our new plant,” said Brian Tucker, operations supervisor, SMSD. “From an operational standpoint, our challenge in building a new facility which would double our capacity was to find a way to get it done without simply doubling everything – labor, energy cost, etc.  We needed to build a smarter plant. SCADAware’s expertise in SCADA systems and integrating many different types of technologies exceeded our expectations of what we could accomplish. For example, we’re running a plant double the size with a yearly energy bill slightly lower. As for labor, we run a crew of about 7 operators and 2 head operators. We would have needed a crew of 28 to 30 to run the plant under the old method.”

The SMSD project replaced the original plant built in 1928 and is an achievement demonstrating a high level of complexity, innovation, and sustainability. SCADAware is also working with CMT on the expansion of the district’s Sugar Creek Plant.

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